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Welcome to Respect IP!

This section of the site is a resource to help you to protect your Intellectual Property (IP) whether it's the written word, art,
music or photography.

Artists and creative people are being exploited to an alarming degree and the future doesn't look promising with regard to our rights on issues such as 'copyright'. Amongst the most vulnerable are artists that are disabled, particularly with mental health issues. This project was setup to help disabled people but hopes to assist anyone.

This site will help to educate you and give you ideas on how to safe guard your work, particularly on the internet.

I am a photographer that runs a stock image site ( and I've been developing my website over the years to ensure that my work is protected as much as possible.

It's my hope that, whatever your area of creativity, you'll find something of use here and will be able to protect yourself, your work
and other interests.

Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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Updated 28 August 2012

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